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 The Founder/CEO

Lucky Igbokwe popularly known as Don Lulu is a man of many parts, having shown his prowess and competence in entertainment, real estate, philanthropy and rural development, he has no doubt exhibited the Nigerian spirit of resilience.

Don Lulu has no doubt proven that doggedness, persistence, consistency and hard work pays in Nigeria’s unconducive and tough business environment. It’s an attribute he derived from the pivotal role played by his mother in his life

Don Dulu is the Chief Executive Officer of 2Flame Entertainment, Lucion Towers Construction company, the Don Lulu Foundation and Green Peace Nigeria

As a foremost definitive voice in the entertainment industry, Don Lulu through his entertainment company signed some of Nigeria’s fast-rising and top artistes, including Morachi, Medley and Yeka (winner of Season 1 of Nigerian Idol) to its recording label.

He has also organized widely acclaimed concerts that featured popular superstars in  the entertainment industry, which in many ways injected life into the tourism and cultural landscape of the state.

As a stakeholder in the affairs of his state and the country, he has used his influence to galvanize the youths and advance the issues affecting them.

The Abia Alive Youth Empowerment Concert in collaboration with the state government, remains epochal with many youths gifted with cars and other empowering tools to advance their skills and businesses.

In a bid to address the plight of the downtrodden in the society, Don Lulu through his foundation unveiled a multi million naira revolving interest free loan for traders, artisans, small and medium scale business owners, to improve their business

Aside building different apartments for some indigenes of Umuawa Alaocha community in Umuahia, Abia state, he has helped build  classroom blocks in his community primary school, provided a  heavy duty KVA electricity power transformer, as well as initiating several poverty alleviation programmes to address the plight of widows and indigent families

Don Lulu’s Lucion Towers Construction Company has also created job opportunities for many Nigerians whilst providing quality and affordable services to its numerous clients.



He is a recipient of the United Nations Mayor for Peace Award among other several awards for his selfless services and human capital development initiatives.

Lulu who’s is married with a son hails from Umuawa Alaocha in Umuahia North Local Government Area of Abia state in South Eastern Nigeria.

He is indeed an epitome of the relentless, dogged and never-say-die spirit that Nigerians are known for.

Lulu will love to be remembered as ‘living for others’.


The DON LULU FOUNDATION (DLF), is a private foundation founded by Business man Lucky Igbokwe popularly known as Don Lulu. The foundation has been in existence for over 10 years, however it officially launched on the 27th of June 2018, in Ohuhu Umuahia North Local Government Area in Abia State, Nigeria.


The primary aims of the foundation are; providing access to quality education to children, shelter to the less privileged, widow empowerment, healthcare and reduce extreme poverty especially in Abia State and Nigeria at large. The foundation is controlled by its trustees: Don Lulu- it’s Founder, a board of Trustees and other principal officers.


“DON LULU FOUNDATION has decided to launch its version of the Poverty Alleviation Program, to qualitatively transform the life and education of our children through our Back to School campaign and Scholarship Endowment Fund, Provision of Shelter to the less privileged, widow empowerment and the setting aside of a counterpart funding 40 million Naira interest free revolving loan facility to artisans, traders among other indigent members of the community.”- Lucky Igbokwe


Education: Access to quality education through our Back to school campaign and establishment of the Scholarship Endowment Fund.

Housing: Provision of shelter and housing to the less privileged.

Widow Empowerment: Widows empowerment and the setting aside of a counterpart funding 40 million Naira interest free revolving loan facility to artisans, traders among other indigent members of the community.

Healthcare & Poverty Alleviation: Support for a broad range of social, health developments.